Handmade Jewelry Trends fall 2013

By on February 23, 2013

When thinking about the latest trends, you not only have to consider only the trends governing clothing lines, but also the handmade jewelry trends 2013.

The truth is that it is difficult to predict the way things will work out next year, but there are some items that have high chances of becoming great hits.

Feather-like jewelry and turquoise stones

Usually people say that if you wear something, it would better be cotton or something of the sort. This means that people prefer to stick to the traditional materials, but this year brings a change. In case of jewelry the traditional materials are being replaced by extravagant materials.

What Are the Handmade Jewelry Trends 2013?

Regarding the handmade jewelry trends of 2013, you should know that feathers are only used with turquoise stones. The result reminds people of the Indian goddesses. With the exception of pearls, jewelry is usually made of lifeless materials. Feathers on the other hand seem more dynamic and more alive.

Victorian Era

This period that inspired the handmade jewelry trends 2013 was characterized by conservative ideas. Since a lot of people no longer like the consuming society because they don’t want to take part in the chase of getting more things, this era when everything was simpler has become a source of inspiration in handmade jewelry too.

Lightweight clothes and jewelries

Clothing lines tend to approach a “greener” strategy using lightweight fabrics and biodegradable materials. This is why one of the 2013 trends for handmade jewelry is to use biodegradable and lightweight materials too in an attempt to make the jewelry more Earth friendly.

There are a lot of fashion items that are affected by this new idea and so it is just natural that the handmade jewelry trends 2013 also have to suffer some changes. It is normal for people to want lightweight products that need little resources to be created. For instance, the artificial pearls are promising to become extremely trendy next year.

Chaos and consistency

In the world of our days there is a lot of chaos even though people do their best to sort things out. This is why it is normal for the 2013 trends for jewelry that is handmade to have a bit of chaos and consistency in them. As a result, the jewelries that have both artificial and natural motifs have higher chances of attracting the clients.

In order to become a true fashionista, you have to keep an eye out for the handmade jewelry trends 2013 and make the most of their originality.

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