6 Interesting Ways to Wear Geometric Prints

Geometric prints are considered as the immediate eye catchers and wearing it with utmost boldness and perfection is all what is needed. There is no denying of the fact that geometric prints are cool to wear, stylish to carry and quite trendy in their looks.

6 Interesting Ways to Wear Geometric Prints

You should be very careful in mixing and matching the geometric prints because getting noticed for the faulty dressing sense would not reflect your style statement. If you are looking forward to raise your style quotient then below given are some interesting ways to wear geometric prints:

  • When it comes to locating the best geometric dress, options are endless. You can choose to wear a subtle looking black colored blocked geometric dress. The lines, squares and the rectangles that cover major part of your dress should be black in color to give sophisticated look.
  • You can select a dress with monochrome and colorful triangle geometric prints to look gorgeous and stunning. The monochromatic tones of geometric prints are said to give you classy looks whereas the colorful triangles arranged geometrically will give you a complete chic style appearance.
  • Try mixing the geometric prints if you have the critical eye to do it. Define your style statement with four ended geometric figures such as a square, a rectangle, or a quadrilateral. These prints look best in sober colors, black and white tones or sometimes in funky colors as well.
  • If you have selected a mix and match geometric printed dress, make sure to pair it up with solid and bold colors. If you have planned to wear a geometric print on the top, your bottom wear should be in solid colors. If your pants or the skirt is printed in geometric print, the top should be appropriately matched in solid color.
  • If you are a geometry lover, or even if you are not, there are many other geometric designs and prints other than triangles, squares, lines or rectangles. There are more than 100 geometric patterns that you can experiment to wear. Flair ended, flouncy peplum tops with varied geometric designs are also in fashion.

A heavily printed geometric patterned dress can be chosen if you are too long to carry it. However if you are petite, go in for vertical lined geometric prints that will help you elongate your torso.

Add some elegant and sophisticated looking accessories to spice up your geometric outfits. Geometric shapes and patterns are always fun and exciting, so update your wardrobes with the latest designs and looks.


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