College Girl Fashion Tips to Spread the Aesthetic Aroma of Persona

By on October 8, 2012

How many times have you stood in front of your wardrobe deciding what you should wear that would carry an impressive appeal along with a college type decent look? More than 70% of the college girls are quite cautious about their looks. Getting looks that fulfill the college graciousness and the fashion persona does not mean that you will get derailed and wear something that is “just fine”. Having the dresses as per the latest fashion and in accordance with the standards specified is perhaps one very important thing that college girls should realize. The fashion mantra is in your hands and thus, you can produce the optimum out of it.

College girl fashion tips solving the fashion soliloquy

The wrap up of style and elegance in one closet is all that college girls need for an outstanding start.  What better could it be for a perfect figure than to carry a beautiful dress along with accessories that define an exotic style? Fashion lies in the style you define. Now coming to the wardrobe must have’s, every girl should have at least three pairs of jeans. Make sure that the denim gives the perfect fit while at the same time, maintaining the desired length so that it does not linger over the heels thereby spoiling the style.


Apart from jeans, it is also essential to have some tank tops that cover some of the basic colors. Make sure that your lingerie collection is maintained better than the others. The reason is that if the inner fit is not well, the outer attire will fail to adopt the perfect shape thereby leading to a waste of resources spent on this. A simple top that may be present in animal print or plain collared T-shirts is also essential.

Since you cannot wear jeans every day, you need to decorate your closet with some one-piece dresses. Though sleek ones in black appear to be stunning, it is also a little lavish and inappropriate for college. Avoid black in such dresses and try to choose some of the light and soothing colors. A mini skirt for the summer is hard to say no to. The shoes need great attention since you get noticed from toes to top. A pair of attractive boots, casual flats, rain boots and high heels is the basic set of shoe collection that every college girl must possess.

College girl fashion tips to get hair locks that lock


Fashion keeps on cycling in a trend by reversing to the Retro and then back from the time but one thing that has never lost its magic is the locks of your hair. Some of the college girls wear hair styles that look too trendy with hair fixing gel, some get their hair straightened. Those who tie hair usually go for a bun, French pleat or the normal tie of hair. It is better not to stick to one style and keep on changing as per the latest fashion in order to ensure that you never back down the line.

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