How to Look the Belle of the Ball at the Christmas Party

The Holiday season is full of magic and wonderful seasonal parties. You will want to look your best for each and every party that you attend from the casual events to the formal balls. In order to be the belle of the ball at each gathering, then follow the advice of these tips!

Look Fresh Faced

The Holidays is a time to look fresh faced and youthful. Leave the sultry make up for New Year’s Eve. You should wear light shimmery colors on your eyes. If you want a more dramatic look, then a bold red lip will look defiantly make your Holiday make up fun. Also, fake eyelashes are a great way to make you eyes pop just remember to keep them toned down!  To get a healthy glow, slap on a little fake tan.  Do not over do this though, we’re thinking slight glow rather than orange!

The Amazing Dress

Your dress has to be perfect! This is the time of year when you see old friends and your family that you do not often see. You need to look amazing and the only way you can do that is with a dress that says “wow!” You do not need to spend a million dollars on several gowns. Instead, you can buy one or two dresses that fit you well. Choose one dress in a bright color, like green, coral or red. The other should be darker in color such as grey or black. A black dress can be dressed up or down; also, with a change of accessories, you can easily where it to more then on party. The brighter dress should be special and eye catching. This way you stand out among the sea of little black dresses all the same style and shape!

Oh My God Shoes!

One of the first things that people notice are your shoes! You can buy a few great heels that will complete your holiday look. Just remember that the louder your shoe then the more toned down your dress needs to be.

Hair Raising!

Your hair should be full of volume and hold a healthy shine. Get your color done prior to any parties so that it looks fresh and ready. You can get a blow out the day of a big party, but this is not necessary. You can also have your pulled back into an elaborate style or simple chignon.

Just remember, that as long as you feel your best and carry yourself well, then there is nothing that you cannot pull off. You will be the belle of the ball no matter what you wear!


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