Black and White Dresses: The Amazing Combination for Any Occasion

By on March 14, 2013

Black and white is a combination which appeals to many people, when it comes to dressing. The combination of both is often described as the way of dressing with simplicity. It can be a great option when going out for a cocktail party or for a professional presentation. It is not only a great combination for women, but also seems like a soothing combination for men. There are numerous brands that have come up with dresses which are of great designs and as per the trending fashion. Some brands such as Calvin Klein, DKNYC, Lauren, etc., present a range of designs that can give a glamorous look to the wearer for every occasion.

Black and White Dresses

Combinations of dresses which flatter the curves of the women with a plunging V-neck topped with three quarter sleeves can look great. The brands mentioned above provide range of dresses to choose from. However, people willing to get perfect fit dresses and customized dresses may get them stitched as per their size by an experienced tailor. Some of the popular combinations of black and white dresses for women have been discussed below:

  • The Knee-Length black and white dress: It is very common yet a subtle formal attire which looks lovely on women. Trying out a short white dress for a casual bridal gown with the bridesmaids in black on a reception could be a great combination.
  • Sleeveless maxi puller: This V-neck embellishment with a flattering empire waist could make women look comfortable yet elegant. It will definitely turn some heads.
  • Chiffon Gown: When it’s a party, it surely calls for music and dance. To look great on these occasions and enjoy to the fullest, women can wear the chiffon gown having sheer overlays. It could come with form fitted waist which would complement the gown to a large extent.

Black and White Dresses

These were some of the common yet trending black and white dresses. Even though they have been there for years, there have been various changes to the designs and forms till now. Black and white certainly is the color to leave an impact. Care must be taken, as these dresses can get damaged – white can turn off-white and black may start fading. However, when washed with the best detergents and in the right manner, they could really last long and look great for years.

Be it your office or a party, the combination of black and white dresses suits all. A large number of people prefer to wear this combination, as they believe they look their best. And when you look your best, you get the confidence to take over the world. Having a few of these dresses in the wardrobe is something which can come handy to many.

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