Top 10 Vibrant Fashion Colors for 2013

By on June 28, 2013

Fashion colors for 2013 are more edgy with a bunch of bright and fun colors. Colors like Poppy Red and Monaco Blue will work on everyone and there are some colors that will only suit on few people. Shades like brown, grey and black are not recommended for this year. Even some people prefer to wear these colors in combination with lighter tones.

Top 10 Vibrant Fashion Colors for 2013

1. Deep Lichen Green:

Deep lichen green is naturally rich shade of green. This color will be rich and elegant and perfect for outdoor barnyard and vineyard events. This lush shade of green is used as an ink color in your wedding invitation design.

2. Poppy red:

One of the ultimate things about this shade is that it looks great by itself. Also, there are various colors that cannot stand alone but poppy red is one among them.It willmake a great praise to several other shades as poppy red is vibrant, eye-catching color and makes it a perfect choice for a spring wedding. Poppy red color will be used in wedding invitations, thank you tags, wedding dress, wedding shoes, etc.

3. Dusk blue:

Another shade among the fashion colors for 2013 is dusk blue. This color is inspired by water elements. If you have an afternoon wedding followed by party of dancing into the night, this shade might be the perfect color for your wedding reception.

4. Lemon Zest:

This cheerful color is invigorating and playful, which is perfect choice for this warm summer. This color is really a strong attention grabberand the more you see it, the more you like it.

5. African Violet:

This color when mixed with other colors like pastels and watercolor florals can give vibrant look. Though the shade is exotic, it looks quite beautiful when your wear it.

6. Linen:

You can wear this off-white color alone or it can be treated as neutral. This shade is airy and nude-like color containing faint pink undertone.

7. Grayed Jade:

This shade looks similarly as it sound i.e. green with strong grey undertone. This wonderful shade brings about iced and minty elegance. Most of the designers use this color in heavy pastel shade collections.

8. Emerald:

Among the fashion colors for 2013, emerald is a wonderful color for spring/summer 2013 collection. This bold jewel and vivid shade is highly popular on runways. This color can be suitable on all skin types.

9. Monaco Blue:

This shade is somewhat brighter than navy blue, but it is used as new neutral. It is used with stripes and floral combinations. It makes you look unique with its deep grounding look.

10. Nectarine:

This color of orange is universally flattering on all people.

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