Fashion Accessories for Women to Try This Christmas

By on December 3, 2012

Here is a list of some of the best Christmas fashion accessories for women for the coming holiday and festive season. Flaunt your style with these latest fashion trends for women.

This winter, and for all the winters to come, there are a lot of accessories to choose that go well with your Christmas party wear. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to try your best to shop well in advance for the festive season as this will not only help you in avoiding the festive rush but also you will have more time for selecting your favorite accessories and you can even try many stores that have them for decent prices. Below is the list of fashionable accessories that we think might be of interest to you this festive and holiday season.


Hats are always a hit among the fashion circles and for this festive season you have a lot more than you think you can buy from many top fashion houses. Wide brim hats and basket hats are always amongst the best choice for any season and there are many fashion houses showcasing some of their fresh designs for this season. Edwardian hats, big and small hats, flat caps and fedoras are the latest in the fashion trends for this Christmas and also there are Nordic and fleece-lined hats for those who wish to stand out.

Christmas Headgear


Scarves are a colorful and welcome addition for any kind of Christmas party dresses. Women always feel comfortable, beautiful and more glamorous by simply wearing these scarves as Christmas party accessories. Many fashionistas find inspiration from different types of scarves designed by major fashion designers who include desirable and colorful scarf collections in their festive range. Lilac and Lacy Edge scarves are a major trend this season as are the scarves with pink and purple flowers. Go for plain silk or brightly colored scarves to turn the heads around.

Christmas Scarves


Glasses are meant for a glamorous YOU. And there are many shades available for the season from major brands including Lanvin, Prada,  Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Carrera, Bolle and many others. Vintage-inspired eyewear could be best option if you want to Make a fashion statement this Christmas. However, Aviator and crystal embellished sunglasses are a trend this season.

Christmas Eyewear


There are very few things that add to a woman’s charms more than Jewelry. Starting from a range of statement rings, ear rings, charms and cuffed bracelets to exquisite necklaces that are crystal-encrusted and available in precious metals, Jewelry is always the one thing that says “I Love You” to a woman. For those who are looking for shopping on a budget and yet want to stay up to date when it comes to fashion, there are grand stone necklaces, crystal cupcake necklaces, floral crystal necklaces and many others to suit their needs.



Handbags in leather are something that will last longer and also improve with time. However, you don’t have to restrict yourself this Christmas with only the leather ones as many designers are flooding the market with their latest designer handbags for this season. Purses and wallets made of fine Tuscany leather are also a key trend this season. Shoulder bags made from Sauvage soft leather should be the ones that you will happen to see in almost all the stores this Christmas. If you want to look simple and yet make fashion statement, cross body bags should be your choice this season. Whether it is a polished calf-skin leather handbag or a Priscilla-clutch that you want to show off this Christmas, these carry-ons have made a colorful comeback.

Christmas handbags


Shoes complete a woman’s fashion outfit and speak a lot about their personality. No wonder they are considered as women’s best friend. Leather boots, sandals, flats or high heels, finding the right shoes that go hand-in-hand with your outfit can be a bit difficult. Low-cut shoes, generally known as pumps are classy and traditional at the same time and they might be something that you have missed out last Christmas. They are ideal for business meetings and upscale events and also for gatherings at churches. High-heel stiletto shoes are a perfect match if you are flowery and fun type. They are suitable for Christmas party events and other social and fun gatherings. Wedges are for those who want to gain an extra inch without compromising on comfort.

Christmas Footwear

The list seems endless for fashionable Christmas accessories for this season. But the above accessories can serve the purpose and are must for any woman’s wardrobe.

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