Top 10 Fall Fashion Trends That Will Never Fade Off

By on January 25, 2013

Fall is the season of beauty. It is also definitely the season for adding a special touch of fashion for the beautiful you. Listed here the top 10 Fall fashion trends that will help you know more about how to dress for the season.

Nature gives us the message to improve and amend our beauty this Fall by turning into all varieties of shimmering gold, red and yellow from the uniform green. Fashionistas all over get inspired by the nature, as always, and make necessary changes to their outfits to go with the beautiful transformation in the season. For those who are still waiting, here are top 10 Fall fashion trends to consider.

Even if the list is restricted to some basic and specific trends, we hope that it will help you in choosing your favorites for this in-between season and make everyone go green by your fiery brilliance.

Neon Dresses

Neon dresses are the trends for the season and are seen at all over the runways, red carpets and also the high streets. With varieties including but not limited to leggings, tights, mini dresses, shorts, sports bras, leotards, and accessories including socks, gloves, stockings, headbands and more there is definitely no limit to the variety of styles you can flaunt with neon clothing.


Animal Prints

The fashion industry always seems to be enthused by the flora and fauna and for the Fall too animal prints in fashion are the results of this inspiration. There is no limit to the possibilities when it comes to having a makeover with these trendy clothing items and there are many fashion houses that clearly express their interest and latest designs in the trend with the leopard print being the most charming one. You can also match the clothing with accessories that also fall under the same category.


Boy Friend Jeans

If you want to boast a complete off-duty look, boy friend jeans with a slouchy fit paired with either tops or tees is the right choice. You’ll look much more trendy and young if the cuffs are rolled just above the ankles. They are best accompanied by ballerina flats.



Blazers transform women from basic beauties to bodacious babes and are an extremely trendy and versatile piece of fashion. You’ll look more beautiful wearing the studded ones such as a sequin studded blazer. They are available in different varieties including velvet, polyester, and leather and are a perfect addition to every wardrobe.


Leather Skirts & Pants

Women’s leather skirts and pants are the trend of the season and are available in variations including skorts, mini skirts, leather chaps and shorts and leather skirts with pleats. They look more stylish when paired with darker or lighter and blousy tops to pull the eyes upward!




High Neck Dresses

Pouring your curvaceous figure into sparkling and stunning high neck dresses is not as easy as you might think. Women with large chests should be careful not to opt for this trend as they will not do any favors for you. You have very few options to go with these dresses and they are best paired with sparkling necklaces and fake diamond earrings. Also, wear your hair up when wearing high neck dresses.



Peplums are the right choice for those who want to look thinner and they also work very well in enhancing your figure. It is no doubt one of the most coveted trends for the season. A peplum top is best paired with jeans for sporting a casual and chic look. They also go well with pencil skirts.


Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses typically fall around your knees or lower thighs and naturally accentuate your curves. These close-fitting and elegant dresses are suitable to wear for any occasion whether it is a garden party, a cocktail party, wedding reception or formal events.


Printed Pants

Printed pants are the modern way to dress and are the quickest way to update your looks. They offer you maximum comfort and the best fitted ones sit a little below the waist. They are best paired with a casual white shirt and also go well with tees. They are available in different styles including floral, checks, stripes, stars, dots and a variety of other options.


Chiffon Maxi Dresses

Chiffon maxi dresses help you create a glam look without burning a hole in the pocket. They are available in a range of selections including glam evening dresses to the day dresses. Choose the one with a bright color and has gentle pleats. Chiffon maxi dresses with elastic waists never go wrong in adding a touch of glamour to your figure.


So what more! Get the trend spots on with the top 10 Fall fashion trends that are the perfect outfits for the season.

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