The Top Hats of Ascot, 2013: A Style File

By on June 22, 2013

The Royal Ascot 2013 saw a bevy of race goers in the most stylish and quirky hat creations ever. Here is a list of the most notable collection of hats adorning the heads of women who attended the event.

The Top Hats of Ascot, 2013: A Style File

1. Raindrops

A raindrop shaped hat formed the head piece for Susan Leuchars and had a floral arrangement on it. The huge hat attracted enough attention from the fashionistas and others as well.

2. Turban

Going masculine, Milliner Aurora Ozma wore a turban-inspired head gear and looked very eastern in it. The feathered high turban looked stunning with the matching attire and the confidence exuding from the lady within.

3. Table top

This hat resembled a table top more than anything else. How else would you explain a lady wearing spiraled elements woven to form a humungus hat? The shell shaped sleeves added extra zing to the entire ensemble making visitor Lariza Katz resemble the Ocean queen.

4. Magical

Joely Chilcott sported a magician-inspired hat that had monoplanes in place of the stars on top of the hat. She literally sent the crowd on a flight of fantasy on the Ladies Day of the event. The red and blue colors looked very much navy like.

5. Garden

Beverly Midgley kept her theme very garden-like from her dress, handbag and even her hat resembling a floral garden. For moment everyone assumed that a garden was walking past until finally someone noticed that this lady was indeed wearing a natural attire.

6. Cake

Constance Peach took inspiration from the leaning tower of Pisa and even a cake and turned up in a peculiar hat that looked like a leaning tower of cake. The event was Ladies Day of the Royal Ascot, 2013.

7. Rose

Designer Isabell  Kristensen  was seen wearing a huge rose for a hat. We believe that if it got any bigger than this, the lady would have been mistaken for a setting in the event.

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