Choosing the Best Color to Wear for a Job Interview

First impression matters when you want to get into the good books of others. More so, if it’s going to be your future employer. The interviewer can make out a lot about you, just by looking at your attire. How you present yourself to an interview is equally as important as being prepared for the grilling questions to come.

It’s not just the clothing, but also the color you choose, that plays as the deciding factor in a job interview. So, don’t dress in a rush and lose your chances of landing that dream job. Instead, as they say, dress to impress. Find out what is the best color to pick for an interview.

Best Color to Wear for a Job Interview

Neutral Colors

Choosing to go with a neutral shade is a wise decision. Gray, brown, navy blue and black are the neutrals that help achieve the right look. These shades don’t make you look overdressed and help radiate warmth and confidence on your part.


  • This color conveys that you are a smart person, capable of taking wise decisions on your own.
  • It shows that you are self-reliant.


  • This color shows that you are a person worth relying upon, possessing a positive attitude.
  • Some hiring professionals may find this shade to be a bit dull and may be put off by it. So, it’s important how you wear it, combining with other shades.

Navy blue

  • This color is a popular choice for wearing to an interview and most interviewers also agree with this.
  • According to a research, the possibility of getting the job is more, when you wear navy blue.


  • This color exudes power and superiority. Black color should be preferred only while attending high profile interviews or for leading positions.

Light colors

You can never be wrong about choosing light colored clothes for an interview. White, light blue, beige are all the safe colors that send the right message across; that you are serious about the job role.

  • The classic white reflects simplicity and honesty. It shows you are an organized person. However, if you feel like this color is overdoing or giving away more than necessary, you may choose to tone it down a little and go for off whites.
  • Light blue is another favorite when it comes to interviews. Your hiring manager gets the idea that you believe in teamwork.
  • Beige and pale pink are other good options to choose, as they show subtleness.

Bright colors

  • Red is one of the bright colors , you can choose to wear for an interview. It shows that you are a passionate person, brimming with energy. Beware of wearing this as your primary color though, as red is associated with rage and darkness. So, going with just the right amount of red will do the trick, instead of too much.
  • Yellow, orange, purple are other bright colors that you should be wary of, when going for an interview. These are considered too distracting, loud and do not convey anything nice about you.

Be mindful that whatever you choose should be comfortable and suiting you well in the first place. Choose what makes you look and feel good. You may choose any attire that boosts your confidence and spirit.