Cool Ideas for Hen’s Night Fancy Dress Parties

By on March 16, 2013

Hen’s Night is the last party or farewell party that is given to a woman who is about to get married. This party is called the bachelorette party or hen’s do or hen’s party. It is a party that is meant for the bride-to-be to have a lot of fun before she gets married and ties down to a domestic life.

So to make the hen night special, the dresses worn in the hen’s night also have to be spectacular. The women at a hen’s night party try and look their best by wearing the best evening wear or party wear. They generally wear outfits that make them look stylish.

Hen’s night dress code

Hen’s Night Fancy Dress

The hen’s night generally has a theme for the dresses to be worn at the party. This can be according to the type of outfits or color scheme etc. Also the hen’s night dress code depends on the type of party theme that is planned. Also it depends on where the party is to take place.

Here are some of the hen’s night fancy dress ideas that will help you select the best dress:

The bride-to-be generally wears a fancy Tiara with a sash that says “bride-to-be”. A good cocktail dress is a great option that will look good with the tiara and the sash. Most women wear short dresses during a hen’s night. Some hen’s night parties have themes and fancy dress costumes.

Fancy Dress Ideas for the Hen’s Night

There are many popular fancy dress ideas for a Hen’s Night. Masquerade theme is a common theme where women wear mask. A popular theme is animal theme where fancy dresses like Catwoman or leopard print dresses are worn. Princess theme and angel theme are very popular themes where the women dress up like angels and princesses. Besides these, women wear fancy dresses at hen’s night like the country girl outfits, cowgirl outfits, disco outfits, etc. A popular fancy dress idea is selecting a decade and wearing clothes that were in vogue in that decade. Nowadays there are many different themes that are being used, and hen’s night dresses are specially bought according to the theme of the party.

Hen’s night party today has become like any other fancy dress parties where themes are decided, a lot of effort is put in getting the right kind of fancy dresses according to the theme of the party. These parties are planned by close friends; and the fancy dresses that are worn according to the theme really make the party a memorable time for the bride-to-be and her friends.

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