Top 6 Rocking Ways to Style your Crop Top

From models to actors and from a girl walking down the street to mannequins on your favorite store’s window-Crop top are being worn by everyone these days. It won’t be wrong to say that crop tops are the current fashion fad all across the world and are definitely taking the world by storm.

Top 6 Rocking Ways to Style your Crop Top

There are many ways to wear your crop top and style it in varied ways. If you wish to know the coolest ways to rock that shrunken top, then you can go through the following given information:

1. Wear it with a Jacket

One of the best ways to style your crop top is to wear a shrug or a jacket over it. This can be clubbed with a pair of jeans, shorts, skirt or any other kind of bottoms for a good overall impact. The jacket adds a little more element to your look.

2. Wear it with Flair Pants

Another way to make that crop top look absolutely amazing is to wear it with flair paints or palazzo pants. The skinny top will look superb with a slightly angled pant style. Make sure you buy a pant with pockets to enhance your look.

3. Wear it with Leather

Who said leather pants are a thing of the past? Your crop top can look absolutely magical with black or brown leather giving it company.  Leather is soon coming back in fashion and can totally look amazing with the shrunken size top.

4. Wear it with a Skirt

Another way to make your crop top look fabulous is to pair it up with a skirt. But you must be careful in picking the skirt since not all fits go well. You can either buy a mini skirt or a midi skirt because these two styles go very well with such tops.

5. Put on the Boots

No matter what you wear as bottoms, wearing boots with crop tops can totally enhance your overall look and give it an edge. So put on a nice pair of boots and see heads turn!

6. Pair it with Shorts

Shorts also go well with crop tops and a nicely tailored or fitted one can just do the trick for you. Make sure the combination is well in contrast.

So now that you know the various ways to wear crop tops, which one are you going to select?


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