Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Crop Tops



There is no doubt that this year has been a year trending crop top. Crop tops of various types have always been in trend and are considered as the hottest thing right now as well. Following the style saga, there are girls who are seen wearing crop tops with great confidence and sophistication while there are many others who do not have a proper sense to pull a crop top. Thus to looking stunning in crop tops it is very important to know the major do’s and don’ts and the list of the same is given below:

Do: Always pair your crop top with a matching high waist pant or a high waist skirt. Just because crop tops are smaller, doesn’t mean you have to show off your belly.

Don’t: Do not show too much of your skin to avoid looking cheap. A short crop top can be paired up well with a pair of dusky high waist denims.

Do: You can even try a loosely fitted crop top to have a cool chic look. All you need to do is pair up your loose fitting crop with slimmer and narrower denims to have a proper frame to your body structure. Also, the fabric used must be structured in order to give a finished look.


Don’t: Don’t forget to keep your look simple and sophisticated. Crop tops look best when are worn with little or no accessories. Too many or heavier accessories notch away the prettiness of your apparel. Fluffy or frilly edged crops should be avoided.

Do: Always remember that if you think that crop tops are not made for you, there are many other options that give you a similar appearance. A top with side cuts and flairs are ideal for the people for whom crop top is not a thing.

Don’t: Do not settle for cropped tank tops or cropped tees because these clothes show off your skin more than a decent crop top.

Do: Do pair your crop top with a long neckpiece or an elegant long necklace. This will help you to elongate your torso that might have started looking short due to the length of the crop top.

Don’t: While you wear a crop top, do not keep on pulling it down time and again. The actual length of the crop tops is little below the belly button and pulling it down would not make it any longer. Carry your crop top with confidence and flaunt your chic looks.


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