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Dressing Up for the Office Party this Winter



If you are in a tizzy over what to wear to the office Christmas party then read on! Before you go planning what you are going to wear, you need to figure out how much time you will have to get ready. If the party is at 9 p.m. on a Friday, then you will have plenty of time to go home, shower and change. However, if the office party is right after work, then you need to get your look together in under ten minutes in the office bathroom. No matter how much time you have, the following tips will help you get ready in no time and to look at your best for the holiday office party!

First, you should go to work with your hair in a braid or in a tight bun. If you hair is even a little wet, this is OK too. Once you have finished styling your hair for the day spritz it with hair spray and head out the door. At the end of the day, flip your head over and shake your style loose; tease your hair with a comb to add some volume and voila! You have party ready hair! all you need to do is add a festive barrette or leave it long and loose!

Next, you need to focus on your makeup. For a drastic day to night look, keep your face clean and pretty during the day. This way your makeup will look dark and dramatic for the party. Line your eyes with a coal pencil and smudge it a bit on the edges for a smokey eye. Pair this with a coral lipstick and you will be ready to go! You can easily fix your face in under five minutes no matter where you happen to be.

Finally, the last last thing to worry about – the outfit. Many women wear ladies skirts or pant suits to work. Neither of these are very good for a holiday party. You can easily carry a wrap knit dress in your bag for a quick change if you must stay at work. You can also easily change a classic shift dress into sexy with just a change of heels and jewelry. If you have time to return home for a fancy Christmas party, then you need to kick things up. Change into a new cocktail dress that hugs your curves. All you need are the right shoes and purse to be the hottest thing at the party!


Whatever your situation, whether you have two minutes or two hours to get ready, there are ways you can glam up for the Christmas party with minimal effort required!  Instead you can focus on enjoying yourself!

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