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Most Fashionable Women Celebrities of the World



Most Fashionable Women Celebrities of the World

Fashion is the term which is used for current style or practice. The word fashion is more suitable for women than men. There are many popular women in the world who have something special which makes them grow and become famous. These women are from various fields that stretch from Hollywood movies and sports to politics and business. Some of the popular women are very stylish and fashionable. Here are some women who are popular not only for their achievements but also for their fashion and style.

Paris Hilton: She is a Socialite, media personality, singer, model, author and fashion designer. She is popular not only because of her work but also for her fashion and lifestyle. She prefers dresses designed by designers like; gold Hawk, Holly, Joe’s Johnson, Nour and many more.  She has a number of television and movie appearances. One can find her wearing low-cut baby doll dress with a diamante neckline, hair band, bracelet, earrings and a ring.

Madonna: Madonna is an American actress, music artist and entrepreneur who won many awards and received harsh feedback for her movie roles. She can be seen in parties wearing designer and stylish dresses like; black body suit with long lace overlay, super-short dress etc. Madonna is over 50 and still looks amazing and gorgeous.

Britney Spears: Britney Spears is also a actress and entertainer who owns a record of best-selling music albums. One can find her in casuals like; T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, jeweler, pins etc. For special occasions, one can see her in the stylish outfits which are specially chosen by designers. The other apparels and accessories seen on her body are – geometrically patterned designer dresses with a silver clutch, white or black colored high heels and a bracelet.


Sarah Palin: She is an American politician who was nominated for vice-presidency. Sarah Palin was the first woman to be elected as Governor of Alaska. She is considered as one of the beautifully dressed politicians in the world. One can find her in black dress with little accessories and shoes.

Alina Kabaeva: She is the most attractive, stylish and hot Russian politician in the world. She is a successful rhythmic gymnast who decorated history with many gold medals. She is considered as the beautiful, stylish and charming politician in the world. The woman looks glamorous in dresses designed by designers like; Victoria Beckham, Balmain, Emilio Pucci and Herve Leger. For parties and occasions, one can see her wearing fashion jewelry and shoes designed by Matin Grant, Le Silla and others.

There are many other celebrities like; Hillary duff the American actress and singer, Betty White who is a comedian and author, Sarah Jessica Parker who is a renowned film and television actress, Ruby Dhalla a Canadian politician,  Hina Rabbani who is a Pakistani politician and many others who take care of their dresses and styles. These women have a unique life style and match with the latest trends in each and every aspect.

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