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Teenage consumers in the U.S always play an important role in keeping the engines of the U.S. economic growth running. Teen spending is playing a definitely bigger role in the country’s economy. Consumer spending statistics and the patterns show that teenage spending constitutes largest part of the overall spending by the country. This Infographic depicts the spending trends among the teens in the U.S.

Teen Spending Statistics in the U.S.

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The History of Handbags From Time Immemorial! [InfoGraphic]



The History of Handbags

Whether it is called a purse or a pouch or a baguette, a handbag is lovingly adorned by almost all the women in the world to not only hold their personal items, but also to make a statement of style. Here is an Infographic depicting the History of the Handbags and how it transformed the life and style of the modern-day women. 

The History of Handbags

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