Fashionable Dresses for Autumn-Winter 2011-2012

This season’s hottest look will be women’s dresses, dresses of all descriptions will be fashionable this winter, but let us consider the best of the bunch.

Normally when winter sneaks up on us, we put away our dresses until spring, but this year we will see an exception to the rule. Top designers have created fashionable dresses with the winter months in mind, and every woman should have at least one style in their wardrobe this year.

Expect to see popular styles of dress made from warm and comforting materials, in cosy colours and gentle hues; of particular appeal will be herringbone, flannel, wool, and tweed.

So which style of women’s dresses should you choose to ensure you stay in fashion this autumn/winter season?

The Shirtdress:

We will start with the coolest style of fashionable dress this winter, the Shirtdress. This particular theme is informed by men’s fashions; they are simply a dress version of the traditional dress shirts worn by men, with buttoned down front, cuffs, and collar. Shirtdresses will come in a range of lightweight materials, such as silk, and as such will require layering with various appendages.

Wear Shirtdresses with thick tights – If the Shirtdress is of a plain, block colour, funk up the outfit with patterned tights and if the Shirtdress has a funky pattern, stick to dark  colored tights. This particular style of women’s dress is a good buy, as they will be suitable for spring and summer too.

The Wrap Dress:

As the name implies, this is a kind of dress that women wrap around themselves and then fasten. Generally, women’s dress fastens at the side stylishly, although there will be certain styles that will do up behind, or even in front.

The dress itself varies in style, come this winter and expect to see a long-sleeved design. They can be made from many different materials, from sweatshirt to silk; all kinds of material will be incorporated in this season’s style.

The Sweater/Jumper Dress:

We have left this season’s biggest trend until last. The sweater dress will be everywhere this autumn/winter, and should be a staple addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

A fantastically versatile dress, this is the season’s must have by way of women’s dresses, made from flexible materials, including the finest sheep’s wool, cottons and even silks, they are very much comfortable, as well as stylish.

The jumper dress will be perfect for carrying-off a casual and yet sophisticated look. Slouch necks will be a hot fashion this autumn, so buying a sweater dress with a large neck is necessary. Certain materials are likely to be quite cold, so again, wear thick pairs of tights, and follow the advice outlined.

Because the women’s dresses are so versatile, many different looks can be achieved by wearing a sweater dress, depending on the particular style chosen. For example, some styles will suit the grungy look, others a more retro style, and still more will look great as formal wear.

Remember that sweater dresses will highlight bums and tums, so perhaps they are not the best dress to be wearing straight after Christmas lunch!


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