New Shoe Trends for Men

Shoe trends are not only restricted to women but nowadays more and more men have become shoe fashion conscious. It was always believed that only women care about what they wear, right from their scarves, jewelry, dress and suitable yet fashionable pair of stilettos. This has become the same case with men as well. With the increasing new shoe trends for men and latest updates being easily accessible, men are now opting to enhance their shoe fashion too.

New Shoe Trends for MenAlthough black and brown formal shoes are always an in-thing, it’s always good to add some livelier colors to your shoe rack by jazzing it up with yellows, grey’s, red, green and other such vibrant colors. Paris and UK based brands such as Kenzo, Topman, Russell showcase sneakers, lace-ups and other shoe trends in colors of blue, green, yellow and bright pink.

For making a bold fashion statement, two-tones are best for formal events. Brands such as Armani, Burberry, and D & G are popular among many to make a shoe style statement. A straight suggestion from these makers to keep their socks simple is one has to wear these brands and two-tone shoes.

For people who like to experiment; patterned shoes suit best for which brands like Tommy Hilfiger’s camouflage desert boots are apt. Even leopard print shoes and lace up’s by Paul Smith, Dolace & Gabbana as well as Stubbs and Wootton in red and blue slippers are no less.

Whatever shoe trend you are trying to make, always be certain to club it right with what you are wearing. For instance a casual shoe might undo your very formal look; on the contrary, a formal shoe worn with a casual pair of t-shirt and a pair of jeans might add style to your entire look. So, all in all, mix and match and keep trying new shoe trends for men to make a new fashion statement.


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