6 Gladiator Sandals for Outfit Ideas



Gladiator sandals are a style statement no doubt, but not everyone likes to wear them for the fear of not getting it right. So, we came up with this article to help you choose the right gladiator sandals for various outfits.

Here are 6 gladiator sandals for outfit ideas you can try out and flaunt:

Strappy gladiators

Strappy gladiator sandals of the lace-up type are the simplest and so easiest to choose and wear. Low strappy ones go well with denim shorts and knitted jumpers. This combination is ideal for casual outings and is not accessory specific. High strappy ones are ideal for white tunic dresses of the beach holiday type.

Structured gladiators

Structured gladiator sandals are usually thigh high with straps at regular intervals and are essentially flat. They are ideal for beach walks and go well with casual wear such as shirt dresses, tunic dresses and sheer high-low maxi gowns. Black ones are pair well with white outfits, while metallic shades go well with dark-hues outfits.

Ankle gladiators

Ankle length gladiator sandals are usually preferred with short outfits, those above the knee. Shorts, Shift dress and T-dress are the outfits to choose when wearing these low-cut gladiators.

Caged gladiators

Caged gladiator sandals are usually available in leather and go well with boho inspired outfits. They are best sported on free-flowing gowns or shorts with spaghetti straps. This combination is ideal for music festivals where boho is the style.


Metallic gladiators

Metallic gladiator sandals stand out more than the others, so it is important to pair them with outfits in neutral tones. The caged and skeletal structured ones can be paired with cocktail dresses as well.

Fringed gladiators

Another favorite with beach walkers is the fringed gladiator. Perfectly paired with free-flowing high-low dresses, a sling bag and some cool shades.

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