A Few Things About Silver Jewellery



We’ve noticed a few things about silver jewellery that we felt was worth sharing…

The popularity of silver jewellery is a testament to its enduring appeal. It just never seems to go out of style. does it? More over you can wear silver jewellery during the days, afternoons, evenings and it never seems out of place. Silver jewellery can cross genders and generations. It’s just a classic form of decorative accessory that lasts and lasts.

But why?

There are many reasons that we can suggest. One could be that there are many different, ever-evolving styles and types from traditional silver bracelets to unique silver jewellery accessories in funky designs. The appeal across age groups from young to mature is down to the varieties available. Let’s face it, the choices are pretty much limitless! No one has ever stopped mid-shop and said, “the problem is there just aren’t enough varieties of silver jewellery available these days.”


It’s not hard to find silver in any of its forms, from the bargain basement to the inexplicably expensive! There are always options, which is why we love silver in the first place. Variety is, as the bard would tell us, the spice of life.

Younger generations prefer unique silver jewellery items that stand-out in a funky, fun and stylish way. It’s about making a definitive fashion statement when you’re in the throes of youth. For older age groups traditional silver jewellery can represent elegance, understatement and restraint as much as it can be a solid and practical accessorizing choice.

Whether you opt for traditional or unique silver jewellery, it can pretty much be mix and matched with anything. It has saved many a ladies life when trying to find earrings and bracelets that match an outfit before going out. But it has never been exclusively a ‘going-out’ style or even exclusively a ‘ladies thing’.

Guys wear silver jewellery too. From rings to piercings to earrings and so on, it’s as much as a fashion statement for men, and can often be the most standard option. Silver is not overly showy. It’s neither effeminate nor masculine. It has a unique quality that bridges that gap quite effectively. Silver jewellery can be found in many different forms from plain and subdued styles that do not overwhelm or steal the limelight from the overall fashion package to the complete opposite end of the spectrum – stand-out, showy and garish unique silver jewellery accessories.

Prices and quality vary too. You can go for the cheap and cheerful or the decadent and delicious! It’s one big melting pot of styles for everyone and anyone. Why else has silver jewellery endured over time and for so long?


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