Spring 2015 – ‘Man’in it!



It is often said that men have it easier than women when it comes to fashion. Men do not have as large a plethora of clothing, footwear and accessories as women have to choose from. Traditionally, men have also been limited by the colours that they can wear (wearing pink would have been a big ‘no-no’ about a decade ago. However, times are a changing! Today, men have a lot more of variety available to them. So, when the season of Spring comes along, bringing with it weather that can change drastically within a matter of hours, men face nearly the same dilemmas as women. Thankfully, the high fashion industry has given us some great ideas on how men can be highly fashionable which making sure they do not end up ill dressed for a sudden Spring shower! Here’s a look at what is in and what is not:

  • Hot in pink! That phrase no longer only applies to women. Men can pull off wearing most shades of pink, particularly in Spring, and still look as manly as ever. Muted pinks have been favored more, though, with Versace using it heavily throughout its Spring-Summer 2015 men’s collection.
  • Hats On! That’s right, hats have made a comeback to the high fashion scene in a big way and this year labels have launched their own hat collections. Take Kenzo’s x New Era collection of hats, featuring posh caps. Keeping you cool and stylish, you don’t have to be mad to be a ‘hatter’!
  • Ankle high: Although it may be tempting to step out in full length jeans or trousers, ankle length is the trend of the moment – showcased at the recent Milan Fashion Week 2015. Whether you like ankle length hems on your pants or simply roll up your jeans, baring your ankles will not only add to your style but will also keep your pants clean in case of a sudden downpour. Be warned though, Spring night not be the best time to wear actual shorts – so wait till summer sets in to go shortsy!
  • Tracks are the new jeans. Kanye West’s 2015 collection for Adidas nicely blends slim fitting neutral coloured track pants with casual, bright T-shirts. It is an extremely comfortable, laid back, yet highly fashionable style that men can be expected to sport this Spring and probably into the summer too.

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