Different Styles of Wearing a Crop Top with Belly Fat



Crop tops are the cutest outfits for casual as well as occasional wear. Even if you got a little extra fat under your belly, let it not hold you up from flaunting your fashionable side. You too can wear crop tops in style; just as the saying goes, you can have your cake and eat it too! All you need is finding the model of crop top that suits you and pairing it right. Here are different ways of wearing a crop top with belly fat.

Loose or lengthy styles

You can easily find loose fitted or long crop tops that help coverup your midriff. With these, you don’t have to be so conscious of your belly showing. You need to pair this type of crop top, with pants or jeans to make it appear stylish. You may also go for tight-fitted pants if you’re comfortable, as it gives you an overall well shaped look.

Boxy style

With a boxy shaped top, you can easily pull off a decent look without drawing any attention to your belly area. Boxy crop top and a skirt is a great combo that works just right, without appearing too sloppy.

Pair with high-waisted pants

If you choose to go with a short, body-hugging crop top, you can pair it with high-rise jeans or pants to cover the belly area. With this look, you only show what you want to. It works as both formal and casual.


Pair with flowing skirts

Skirts go well with crop tops and you can decide how high on your waist to conceal the tummy part. Light and flowing skirts with full-sleeved crop tops add a feminine quality. You may also choose a sleeveless crop top, but remember to accessorize it with drop earrings to add some highlight.

Pair with palazzos

You cannot go wrong with palazzos, even if you have tummy area issue. Pairing crop tops with palazzos not only does the job of hiding the fatty layer, but also creates a style statement. Crop tops with collar necks add a more refined look.

Pair with pencil skirt

If you are proud of your curves, then pencil skirts are a great way of accentuating your feminineness. A black skirt creates a formal look. Accessorizing it with a scarf or a dark colored handbag completes the attire.

Pair with a lehenga

A lehenga is a popular choice of Indian girls for parties or festivities. Crop tops complement the lehenga perfectly and the look suits all sizes. You can go with the design that suits you best.

Pair with a saree

A saree is another top pick when it comes to Indian traditional wear and is mostly paired with a blouse. A fitted crop top in a color that matches the saree is a stylish alternative and a fresh fashion idea! When you drape the saree right, there is no more fat belly showing and you will end up looking graceful.


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