Cheap Homemade Halloween Costumes for a Happy Halloween



Halloween! Thrilling and exciting!  But this is not an easy word for an average earning person. As Halloween demands new dresses and other things and Christmas is also behind Halloween so it is not easy for everyone to maintain the budget. You want to go for Halloween but your parents can’t afford the dresses and other things? Do not worry! Here are some cheap homemade Halloween costumes that will definitely help you out. You can ask your mother to stitch your dress or even you can make it yourself, you just need to know the method and some creativity.

  • Firstly make sure that the dresses you choose or make are comfortable and simple.
  • You can use your old dress materials or other waste products to make the dress for Halloween.
  • You can use cardboard’s to make faces and the weapons and paint them with different colors.
  • A white bed sheet can be used to make a dress of ghost with face in black color.
  • A pair of denim jeans with black T-shirt, a band in hair, smoky eyes that is dark makeup on eyes and fake blood will give you a complete Zombie look.
  • You can even try a more horror look by taking the white sheet and cut the eyes and mouth and put the dark liner on eyes, dark lipstick on lips and even on hands you can put red color.
  • Try out weird tie and dies and different paintings on plain dresses or shirts that will enhance your look.
  • A scarecrow look can also be considered by using rope and plastic with casual wear.
  • A Mummy look is even amazing and easy to get the look. Just wrap the white bandages around a person and get ready for the Halloween.
  • A pirate look, for this you need a sailor pant, an eye patch, belt, an empty bottle, a pirate hat and this is not very costly and it can be made at home easily.

 Find funny and cheap homemade Halloween costumes

There are many funny Halloween dresses that look very ridiculous but are easy to make at home and you will become the center of attraction of the party. Like a shock look that is if you got an electric shock, trapezium shaped boxes can be worn that are painted with colors with the same color T-shirt inside and a pot on here with eyes and mouth open and paint it with bright color that will also be a good look, cartoon characters or animal characters will also look funny at anybody and these are cheap homemade Halloween costumes.

Cheap home-made Halloween costumes for kids

Kids are the liveliest part of any party and their actions are funny and always entertain others. So make dresses for your children as it will save your money, show the love and care for your child and he/she will become happy as their parents stitch it for them. Just a homemade dress can show your affection to your child and you will be saved from over budget things. You can make their favorite cartoon character dress or a super hero dress or any ghost and let them enjoy the Halloween.



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