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The 10 Best Tips for Perfect Nails



Think before you dismiss it with the wave of a hand, as those well kept nails of yours may win you thumbs up in your business or at your work place. A proper nail care regime and well maintained nails are as important as hair care or skin care. Well maintained and healthy nails speak volumes about your hygiene and complete the grooming process. Unfortunately people have been heavily misled as far as nail care regimes are concerned. Many men and women easily fall prey to wrong myths about it and blindly follow it which may cause more harm than it could help you.

A properly defined nail care technique consists both of external care as well as the food we consume that compliments nail health. A lot of clinical research has been done and the right ways for nail maintenance has been come up with. Here are 10 easy tips to get those well cured nails that you have always desired.

Don’t cut or manipulate cuticles

This is a major myth buster. The cuticle is a natural barrier that prevents fungus and bacteria and if you breach that, the protection is lost. Not only will this make your cuticles look worse but may also land you a nasty infection, which may eventually lead to permanent nail damage.

Moisturize the nail bed and cuticles

Medical studies state that moisturizing the nail bed helps the nail to grow. And moisturizing the cuticles, help make the cuticles look better and prevent nails from breaking. It also reduces the chances of chipping, splitting and cracking of nails.

Take biotin supplements

Biotin supplements (a member of the vitamin B family) increases nail thickness and prevents breaking.


Don’t bite your nails

Biting your nails not only gives them an unkempt look, but also damages the nail bed, inviting fungal and bacterial infections.

Keep your nails dry

Excessive exposure to moisture can make your nails brittle and increase the chances of breakage. Wear gloves when you wash dishes and avoid soaking your hands in the tub for a long time.

Limit professional manicures

As much as the comfort of a manicure attracts you, it must be avoided. Those who indulge in it regularly are at a higher risk of suffering from dry nails and the reason behind the same is the usage of harsh chemicals.

Avoid acetone-based nail polish removers

Acetone strips the nails of their life and is one of the major reasons majority of the people suffer from broken nails. If you naturally have weak nails, then you must definitely avoid them.

Don’t overdo the hand washing

Although washing hands thoroughly is considered healthy, overdoing it may not be good for the health or your nails and you may want to re-think it. While doing household work or laundry, try and avoid contact with chemicals as much as you can. Wear a pair of gloves whenever possible.


Change shampoo

This may sound very radical but is true at the same time. Some shampoos may just not agree with or compliment your nails, pay heed to it and be sure to change the shampoo, in case such a situation arises.

Use a good brand Nail Polish

We many a times tend to pick the nail colors whose brand we are not aware of. Always try and use branded nail colors as they have the right ingredients required and they will not damage the nails too.

Everything that has been mentioned above refers to your toe nails as well. So, take a proper care of your nails with some simple to follow methods like above.


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