Hair Styles

Mark a Difference with Some of the Hottest Short Hairstyles for Women



Whether you are a brunette or blonde, you require a hairstyle that matches the elegant attire that you carry to some occasion but it is a matter of concern if your hair is short. Don’t worry. Here are some of the short hairstyles for women that can make your day:

  • Pixie style is one of the most highly demanded haircuts in the fashion world today. This style is usually visible with a side part and the hair is cut in small steps that cover the forehead as they are combed to the side.
  • Pompadour is another new trend that requires short hair that can be combed in a slanting puffed fashion towards the back and fixed with gel to maintain the stunning look.
  • Bob haircut is for people who bear short hair but not very short one. Amongst all shorter hairstyles for women, this is the one that hasn’t lost its grace ever. This seems like blunt from the back, razor as it approaches the face and short hair entirely covering the forehead.
  • The sleek hairstyles are also quite in demand with the front hair possessing a considerable length up to the lips and the back takes a blunt sort of style.
  • For hair reaching up to the shoulders, a long bob would also do. Women with broader cheeks usually go for this one.
  • The layered or razor cut from the middle with side parted hair looks astonishing and gives a trendy and smart look.
  • One of the sexiest short hairstyles for women can be one with short hair above the forehead that is fixed with gel in the form of a mountain with neat edges.
  • Razor with a wavy look also looks stunning when you are going out on a party and seems suitable for women with hair length up to the chin.


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