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Christmas inspired makeup looks



Christmas inspired makeup

Makeup enthusiasts are always on the lookout for creative ways of giving their face a refreshing lift. To make this holiday season extra special we have come up with quick and easy-to-achieve Christmas inspired makeup looks. Here are 5 such looks to usher in merry Christmas:

Candy Cane Inspiration

Candy cane is for your pout and eye lids too. To get a candy cane pout, firstly apply red lip liner and red lip color to your lips. With this as the base, create broad stripes on the red color using a white kohl pencil. For the eyes, use the white eye shadow on one half of the eye lid and a pink one for the other half. Use green eye liner and black mascara for the eye lids and a brown eye brow pencil to finish off. Finally, just dust your cheeks with a pink-tinged blush and your candy cane inspired look is ready to flaunt.

Red, Gold and Green

A simple way to achieve a Christmas inspired look is to use red lip color, gold shimmer powder on your cheeks and finally go green with your eye shadow. Choose bold or softer shades to match your style.

Snowflake Mania

If you like your makeup to reflect the outdoors, then go for snowflake makeup this Christmas. Use blue eye shadows and white liners for the eyes and pair them up with white mascara for the eye lids. Complete the look with a nude lipstick and white lip liner or go bold with blue lip color.


Glittering Green

Let your eyes speak for themselves. This is a three-tire smoky eye makeup with a light yellow or gold eye shadow for the base of the eye lid, followed by glittering green eye shadow and then finally a hint of purple or mauve eye shadow. Line the lower eyelid with the same purple or mauve liner and finish off with a black mascara. Keep your lips red and matte. Repeat the matte finish on your cheeks as well. Keep them nude without any blush. This way the green is accentuated.

Christmas Fairy

Here is another smoky eye with a Christmas twist. Use gold and red eye shadows to create the smoky effect on the upper eyelid. Follow it up with and combination of yellow and aqua marine eye liner on the lower eyelid. For that special snowflake effect use diamond studded false lashes and apply black mascara to enhance the effect. Keep the rest of the makeup nude and dress up your lips in glossy pink or red lip color.

Try out some or all of these Christmas inspired makeup looks this festive season. Remember that you can mix and match any of these individual ideas to create a whole new style of your own.

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How To Achieve The Crystal Eye MakeUp



We love to add a little sparkle to our beauty looks, whether it’s in the form of hair glitter or shimmer eyeshadow. It’s no surprise, then, that we’re still enamored with using crystals in our eye makeup. Adding a little more sparkle to your brows for a cool Instagram shot or highlighting your eyes with bling while wearing a protective face mask seems fit for just about any occasion. However, keeping crystals in place might be challenging. As a result, we’re here to assist you. We’ll show you how to apply rhinestones to your eyes.

crystal eye makeup

How To Achieve The Crystal Eye Make-Up?

Gather Your Tools

Before we get into how to apply crystals to your look, make sure you have everything you’ll need. It’s all about convenience for us. Prepare a piece of paper, cosmetic adhesive, tweezers, and the crystals of your choice on your vanity or bathroom counter.

Lay Out Adhesive

Apply a small amount of adhesive glue to a piece of paper. Look for a cosmetic-only product that won’t bother your skin. The more adhesive you use, the longer your crystals will remain in place.

Apply Your Crystals

Pick up the jewel with your tool and apply a bit of lash glue on the back of the crystals to achieve this look. Allow a few seconds for the jewel to dry before putting it where you like. Don’t skimp on the glue if you want your gems to last all day. Make sure you use glue to cover the majority of the jewel’s base. After that, one by one lay it on the eyelids.

This allows you to experiment with the trend and see what colors and designs of jewelry work best for you. The smaller crystals are difficult to set but if put on the inner corners of the eyes or upper lash line or lower lash line then it can take the look to next level. A pro tip from us is that if you can add it to the eyebrows then it can be a fun look. You can explore as much as you want with this look. 


A quick tip, use oil-based make-up remover. It will allow you to lift the crystals easily from your skin without causing any irritation. Hope this way will help you create your desired crystal eye makeup.

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Top 5 Eyeliner tips for small eyes



Large eyes like those of celebrities are what everyone wishes for. However, not everyone has dramatic eyes that make a statement. Appropriate eye makeup using tools such as eyeliners, mascaras and eye shadows is a simple way of making your eyes look larger than they are. So here are the top 5 eyeliner tips for small eyes that can make them appear larger and create the required effect for you.

Line the upper eyelash

Using the stick of the eye liner (choose a dark shade), make your upper eye lid taut and draw a tight line under it. Ensure that the liner is as close to the eyelashes as possible. This idea works best on small eyes that have a narrow hood space over the eyelids. As a result, the lashes appear fuller and the eyes appear broader too.

White eyeliner

Ever wondered why white eye liners were made? Here is why – use a white eyeliner pencil on the waterline of the eye, followed by a darker shade to line the bottom lash. This will make your eyes appear large, just by not accentuating or limiting the boundaries.

Create a cat eye

Using the same dark shade used on your eyelid, draw a subtle, thin and short line extending from the upper eye lash. This cat eye flick helps to broaden the shape of the eye outwards.

Establish the disconnect

As you progress, remember to keep the lines on the upper lid and that on the lower lid separate. Do not allow them to converge. Then, apply the lightest shade of eye shadow in the gap, shimmery ones are even better. This trick helps create the illusion of larger eyes.

Shimmery accents

This intelligent play of dark and light shaded eye liners can be further extended to the accents as well. The trick is to use light and nude shimmery accents and not the dark ones. Trying to get smoky eyes on small eyes is a bad idea.

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