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How To Wear Combat Boots with Jeans



Winters, jeans, and combat boots are like the perfect combination now! Jeans and combat boots can glam up your look instantly. Are you thinking about how to style these combat boots and jeans together? Then you are in the right place. We have some quick fashion tips that can save you from spending hours in front of your wardrobe or browsing through different videos.

Quick Fashion Tips To Style Combat Boots With Jeans

Styling your combat boots with jeans is not very tough. Celebrities, influencers, and fashionistas are all rocking this look. Depending on the jeans you want to wear with your combat boots, styling them will be a different ball game altogether.

Tuck The Jeans or No Tucking?

It depends on the length of the jeans. You can tuck your jeans in from ankle length to longer slender or slim straight leg jeans. This will not be practical or attractive if your jeans are wide-legged or flared since the cuff will unroll and look floppy.

Tucking cropped jeans in is not an option unless your combat boots are more than an inch higher than your ankles!

Pairing Skinny Jeans with Combat Boots

It’s a terrific look to wear traditional skinny jeans with combat boots, especially if they’re high-waisted ones. If your slim jeans are ankle-length or longer, you can wear them with one of four boot styles:

  • Put your combat boots over top of your pants and tuck them in.
  • Allow them to bunch up or rest on top of the boots.
  • Create a cuff look above or at the boot shaft by rolling up your jeans.
  • Wear ankle socks over your jeans to show off your combat boots.

If your skinny jeans are cropped, you can throw on your combat boots and go! We recommend keeping a tiny gap between the end of the jeans and the top of the boot. Many people like to wear their jeans to the point where their combat boots begin, and that’s perfectly OK!

For higher waisted options, pair your combat boots with a cropped tee, tucked shirt, or bodysuit. If it’s cold outside, layer a midi-length cardigan and any jacket.

Pairing Straight Jeans with Combat Boots

Straight-leg jeans look excellent with combat boots, whether they’re slim or loose. They’re one of our top picks for combat boots with straight-leg jeans. If you wish to wear combat boots over them, your pants will be wide enough to pass over them merely.

You can roll up your jeans for a more casual look. Depending on the length, once or twice. A semi-tucked sweater or shirt will round out your style. You can layer it over anything from a moto jacket to a warm cardigan.

Pairing Wide-Legged Jeans With Combat Jeans

You must be thinking this is the most challenging part when wearing combat boots with jeans. But the truth is just the opposite. Wide leg jeans, unless they’re not too wide and have a straight leg, don’t cuff as well as straight leg jeans. Thus, this pairing becomes much easier. Longer wide-leg jeans will fall over and cover your combat boots in part. This is a popular style for Fall/Winter 2021/22!

Allow cropped wide-leg jeans to come to an end where they must. In any case, you’re good to go! Tuck a sweater into a bodysuit and layer with an army jacket or an oversized blazer for a casual look. Add a cross-body bag or a backpack to the mix.


These are just the style of jeans with which you can wear your combat boots. You can also style your combat boots with denim dresses, skirts, and even jeggings. We suggest you remember that denim and boots are an endless combination, so don’t worry much!

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