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8 Short Hairstyles the Celebrity Way



Ginnifer Goodwin

Short haircuts and hairstyles are easy to carry and elegant too. Here are 8 short hairstyles sported by A-listers and trendsetters who have a short mane:

1. Charlize Theron

Charlize and her famous pixie cut is a notch above the regular. For special occasions she styles her hair elegantly with pomade by running it through the hair using the tips of her fingers. This simple technique transforms the pixie into a simple yet elegant, textured hairdo.

2. Michelle Williams

Having made the pixie hair cut her signature style for years; Michelle Williams admits that she is now ready for a transformation. In this transition phase the growing-in look can get very awkward to manage. To prevent this hazard, Michelle has carefully planned to grow her bangs first. She keeps rest of the hair trimmed so that the growing bangs eventually equal out with the rest of the hair.

3. Alicia Keys

Short bob has been Alicia’s latest hairstyle. For special occasions, she styles her simple haircut by creating a deep side parting. To keep it in place, she adds some gel to the roots of the hair and smoothes it out carefully. This hairstyle is not only easy to achieve but looks sleek and elegant too.


4. Anne Hathaway

Now growing out of the pixie cut which Anne has been wearing for her movie Les Miserables, the hair seems a bit out of place sometimes. To make it right for occasions, Anne softens the cut with an imperfect side part. He keeps her fringes feathered such that they just graze above forehead.

5. Halle Berry

The cropped haircut of Halle Berry has been given a new twist with a windswept hairdo that adds extra length and height at the crown of the head. This makes the do look very dramatic and red carpet ready.

6. Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer’s cropped cut is definitely the best styled mane in town. The cut suits the shape of her face and the length has been tactfully used to style it into red carpet hairstyle that surpasses all others. The little extra has been carefully curled to create a high street style that frames her face very well. Coupled with the makeup, the finished product was a stunning appearance.

7.  Emma Watson

Making an elegant coif out of a growing-out pixie cut is an art in itself. Emma has achieved this by using pomade on her fingers and sweeping the hair all the way back. The style is not just simple but is elegant too.

8. Katherine Heigl

Short hair need not mean banishing the up do And Katherine displays just that. To begin with, Katherine has texturized her short hair into waves and then swept it all the way back securing it with pins wherever necessary. This prevents stray hair from grazing the sides and gives the look of a French twist to the style. The coif can be kept in place with the use of a strong hair spray.


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Hair Styles

Teen Hairstyles in Trend



If you are a teenager, you would always want to look stylish and trendy. It is always a great idea to keep on switching up your styles and experiment new hairstyles suiting your entire look. For all the teenage girls and guys, curling, braiding, side buns, high buns, messy hairdos, straight hairstyles, half shaved EMO styles, punk haircuts etc are much in trend. Given below are some of the latest teen hairstyles.

  • Side dutch braid: Teenage time is the best time to embrace and flaunt your curly, super long hair strands. Side dutch braid for girls is a latest hairstyle for the teen girls who want to pull a stylish look. Side dutch braid looks beautiful when it is curled.
  • Triple braid hairdo: Another famous hairstyle that is adopted by most of the teen girls nowadays is triple braid hairdo. Unlike that chunky braid which looks more like the Bohemian braid, triple braid hairstyle is definitely one of the coolest hairdos of this year.
  • Cute floral crown hair style: If you wish to experiment a flirty look with your long hair strands, make a floral crown hair style. This hairstyle is idle if you are planning to attend a small get together or any other special occasion.
  • Knotted braid: A French style knotted braid looks so versatile on the teen girls that it can be worn and styled over and over again. You can even add a beautiful ribbon in a four stranded French braid to style a nifty look.
  • Hippie hairstyle: Since “everything old remains gold”, hippie hairstyle for teen girls has marked a great comeback. The hippie hairstyle with a messy bun is embraced as a famous festival looks for all the youth girls.
  • Twisted braid: If you have highlighted hair and you are looking forward to flaunt your hair strands, opt for the twisted braid hairstyle. Quite intricate in looks, this hairdo is simple and easy to wear.
  • Cool messy bun: Fishtail combined with the messy bun is considered as the perfect look for the weekend getaways. For the teen girls, messy buns involve styling 3 braids instead of 4 and then forming a messy looking bun.
  • Cute curly ponytail: The best way you can style your natural ponytail is to curl it. Bouncy curls inside the pony tail looks beautiful and given an appealing appearance.
  • Triangle braid crown: This is another teen fashion hairstyle of this year. Added with a colorful tiara, this braid crown looks attractive.

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Hair Styles

Hair Care Products for Men



Hair care products for men are the substances which alter the texture and shape of their hair. Any discussion of the men’s hair care starts with the hair care products such as a shampoo. Earlier humans were used soap root as a shampoo in order to clean their hair, but nowadays it is converted into shampooing.

Hair care products for men should be an important part of the grooming regimen. Wide variety of hair care products are available today which are especially geared to the male head. But choosing the proper item can mean the actual difference between healthy head with hair and premature baldness. Human scalp needs so much of attention even though you are programmed genetically to lose hair before 30 years. Scalp conditioners and scrubbing shampoos can be helpful in keeping your skin clear while using the lighter styling hair products, such as creams and matte pastes which will provide your hair a very natural look.

Sometimes, only the use of shampoos is not enough to maintain the hair properly that is why the conditioner is created. These are hair care products formulated to make your hair smooth and soft. Shampoos are only useful for cleaning the hair, and the conditioners are for making your hair tangle-free and smooth.

Another most commonly used hair care product for men is hot oil. Hot oil treatment includes application of thick lather of the cream to hair with coconut, aloe vera oil vitamins, proteins and also minerals, which penetrate into each root of the hair to provide life and energy to the hair. Usually these kinds of products are used by the hair care professionals in the salons, but there are also some hot oil treatment products, which can be used at your home. Most of these treatments are used on the hair for once or twice in a month.


As usual, hair gels have always been the most favorite hair care products for men as they have been used for a long time and are trusted for giving the hair a new life and in keeping the hair under control as well as for setting different hairstyles.

Do not use chemical treatments, which can literally strip the hair and then cause your hair to break and brittle. If you do select a chemical treatment, you must apply a deep conditioner or keep moisture in your hair before going through it.

Hair care products for men are available in several brands with several prices. So it does not mean that more expensive product is more effective. However, while selecting the hair care products, it is better to seek an advice from a beauty and hair expert.

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