Stylish Ways of Wearing a Strapless Dress in Winter



Strapless Dress in Winter

Strapless dresses are a great option for accentuating those chiseled shoulders and slender neck, when it’s sunny and breezy outside, but can become challenging during winter. If you love strapless dress and want to wear it even when the weather turns cold, that too in style, then you just need some styling ideas to get the perfect look. Here are some styling options on how to wear a strapless dress in winter.

Pair it with a jacket

You can simply throw over a jacket on top of your strapless dress and you are ready to head out. A jacket creates a fashionable look for any occasion. For a more formal look, you can wear a dark colored blazer over a simple strapless dress. Make sure that you choose dark winter colors for jackets, instead of bright colors. Otherwise you would end up looking gaudy and out of place.

Pair with cool knitwear

There are lots of knitwear designs available and you can pick the one that compliments your strapless dress perfectly. Collar-neck sweaters over your favourite dress adds a polished look. You may go for a cool cardigan on top of your pretty, flowing strapless dress for a casual look.

Cover with crop jacket

If you feel like your jacket is spoiling the overall look by concealing the dress design or the way it fits around your well-shaped waist and hips, you can opt for a short, fitted crop jacket. This covers your shoulders and falls just below the bust line. Moreover, you can show off your curves in style too.


Wear a long coat

Throw over a long coat or an oversized jacket on top of your strapless dress to head out in the cold weather. Long, knee-high boots not only keep you warm, but also look highly fashionable when paired with long coats.

Layer it

If you really want your cute strapless dress to show, then why cover it up with layers, when you can instead make the dress pop, by wearing it on top of other clothes. Make sure that you choose a well fitted top to go underneath your strapless dress to get a neat look. A full-sleeved tee or a top beneath the dress works for casual wear. Wearing your strapless dress on top of a turtleneck creates a chic look.

Consider capes

Capes are great for wearing on top of your dress to ceremonies, such as weddings. If your bridal dress happens to be a strapless dress and you are set to wed in winter, then you can choose an embroidered or embellished cape to go with your wedding gown. Capes look elegant and work for bridesmaids dresses as well.

Accessorize it right

Scarf is one addition that not only looks trendy over your chosen attire, but also keeps you warm in winter. You can style it the way you like in bright colors. Choose patterned or dark colored tights to go with the strapless dress. You may also opt for leggings or skin-tight black pants for more warmth. Stole, soft-wool wrap or a cashmere in soft shades also look trendy to go with your overall outfit.



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