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Fashion Fingertips with Nail Art and Accessories



Fashion is no longer just about clothes but it has extended to sporting the perfect accessory and make up too. Accessorizing your neck, fingers, legs are all part of fashion. Personalities in fashion world have literary brought fashion at your finger tips with stylish nail art and gorgeous finger accessories. Women not only like various patterns, colours on their dresses but they love it on their nail too. Fashionable nail art are popular among teenage girls and young ladies too.

Let’s discuss some of the popular fashionable nail art.

  • Time machine nails – These are actually swirls of various colours painted on your nails.
  • Flower – There is nothing more feminine than flowers. After floral printed tops, dresses, and pants it is the time for floral printed nails.
  • Leopard – Get the wild and sexy leopard prints on nails and sweep the whole word off their feet.
  • Polka dots are another hot favourite this season to try on your nails.

When your nails are done properly it is the turn to ornate your fingers with great rings. Rings come in various colors. It ranges from bold colors like black, candy pink, yellow, purple and even tangerine to royal and sophisticated colors like turquoise, red, white etc.

For ideal and fashion fingertips, shape of your fingers determines which rings will suit but with so many options you are already overflowed with choices. Narrow band ring will look good on short finger. Other rings will make your fingers look shorter. Go for cocktail or medium sized rings if you have long fingers.

Trying out various designs and painting on your nails in a number of colors. This gives your nails an identity of a diva in its own. Moreover, if you accessorize appropriately then it is a killer combo. However, to pull of all these you need to take care of your finger. Make sure that you have clean, properly manicured nails.


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