Top 11 Gift Ideas for Fashion Conscious Men



A rather old saying goes that clothes doth make a man. However, until the last century, generally men belonging to the elite class were found to be so. These days fashion conscious men are no more class restricted; instead fashion consciousness in men has become rather mainstream.

From young entrepreneurs to show business stars, a well groomed, well tailored man can be found anywhere. Picking a gift for such is however a pretty daunting task. From shirts and watches to fragrances and shades, these guys need all of it perfect. Gifts for them can include the following stuff:


A red, silk, slim fit tie is sure to catch his eyes and add to the cool quotient in his wardrobe. If the budget is flexible, one can even try numbers from illustrated fashion houses.

USB Sticks

They even come in gold with bendable legs, which are sure to both impress and surprise him. It is an essential kit for both professionals and otherwise and hence, always in demand.


The Bison Boot

This winter season, it can be a perfect choice for this waterproof, leather piece, irrespective of whether one’s a party hopper or an adventure junkie.

Card Holder

Whether it’s a snazzy holder, or in leather, you just can’t go wrong with this gift item.

Watches in steel

It is vintage and timeless. However huge a collection one might have of watches, an addition will always be welcome.

Black Cardigans

Classy and stylish, you have just got to get your measurements right.


This style icon is flattering on almost all face shapes. However, if one chooses to be a little bolder, one might gift glasses in tortoiseshell frames. They come in colours and ranges of all sorts.



These kicky kicks tops mens shoes list and is an all-season favourite.


These are mostly rugged and masculine and are a perfect bag for the weekend irrespective of where the weekend takes you.

Printed Vests

This is sure to take your man a notch higher than the rest of the crowd, especially if it’s in darker shades like navy.

Breakfast Trunk

For those willing to get a rather large hole in their heavy pockets in order to stay innovative, you can look up this ultimate piece of sophistication. It comes with flatware, cookware and burner and is so practical and useful that one can actually get rid of room service with this in hand.

These and lots more like sport coats, gym memberships and decorative ashtrays can never fail to surprise a fashion conscious man. So, happy shopping!



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