6 Tips to Buy a Skirt According to your Figure



The world of skirts is just too perfect for everyone who wishes to dress up and down and wants to look gorgeous. Skirts are of so many types and varieties that it becomes difficult to select and choose. Your first preference while selecting a skirt should be according to your figure. Given below are some of the expert tips to buy skirt according to your figure.

Short Figure

If you are short heighted, do not choose stiff A line skirts because this would make you look squat. Instead go in for tapered style straight fit skirts and A lines. Knee length skirts are best if you have short figure. This is because too long or too short skirts would make you appear even shorter. In addition, skirts with front buttons and wraparounds are the perfect choices for the people who wish to flaunt their looks. For the shirt heighted people, a slit in the front of their skirt can help them look taller. Vertical designs and embellishments on attire also help in creating the feeling of length.

Thick Waist

If you have thick waists, invest in the skirt which will draw away the attention from your waist and brings the focus on your legs. The skirts with bold designs on the middle are a big NO for the people with thick waist because these types of skirts would make you look fatter.

Curvy Figure

A lines, wraparounds and skirts with subtle designs are ideal for the girls with curvy figures. Tight fitted skirts should be strictly avoided. Instead, go in for soft, back zipper skirts or flat front with flat textures. The girls with curvy figures and thick waists should avoid wearing skirts with box patterns, pleats, A lines stiffed, and horizontal patterned.


Larger Stomach

If you have a larger belly and you are in a dilemma to choose a skirt type for you, go in for pencil fit, tightly tapered skirts. The skirts with waistbands and wraparounds should not be your preference. Sarongs should also be avoided.

Bottom-Heavy Figure

Loose skirts and moderately A line skirts are best for the girls with bottom-heavy figures. Dark colored, vertically designed knee length skirts are ideal for such figure shapes.

Flat bottom: The girls with flat bottom should choose skirts stitched in lycra fabrics. Tight fitted, tailored stitched skirts look perfect on girls with flat bottom. These looks sassy when paired up with crop tops or even with shirts.


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