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Pencil Skirts for Women Defining Your Unmatched Style!



Pencil Skirts for Women

Are you wondering what to wear for an evening party with friends? Well, skirts have always been an attractive part of attire when it comes to dressing up fashionably. The best part with skirts is that they can be used both as formals as well as casuals. So no matter what type of occasion it is that you attend, you may put on a skirt. The introduction of the latest pencil skirts for women has added a new flavor to the existing fashion aroma. The reason these skirts are so much in fashion is that they stick to the body thereby giving you the perfect slim fit.

There is a wide variety of pencil skirts for women that can account for any sort of occasion. There are woolen knit skirts that can be adopted for a casual lookout on a chilly day. For office purpose or for a little elegant touch, there are seamed skirts that are straight and made of fine fabric that takes the shape of your body thereby making your figure look all the more attractive. The colors of the fashion mainly vary between shades of black and red and the styles for this winter are astonishing. A relatively new variety of pencil skirts for women is the one that is laced at the back.

The lace here serves two different purposes. You may fasten the lace tight in case you feel it is not fitting perfectly. Moreover, this lacy appeal marks a difference from the routine skirts with a cut at the lower end. Pencil skirts with side cuts at the knee are also quite in fashion.

There are also some of the printed skirts in dark color trends that can form a subtle color combination with some light colored tops and short jackets. So, look great on your special day with a wise choice of pencil skirts for women in terms of fitting, color and the latest fashion.


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5 Dhoti pants with crop top outfit ideas



Dhoti, an ethnic wear of men in the Indian subcontinent is now a style statement adopted by women. Celebrity stylists and fashion designers have successfully styled a new series of bottom wear by rehashing this traditional outfit. Crop tops are the ideal partners for dhoti pants. Pairing dhoti pants with the right crop tops is crucial for that perfect look. Here are 5 dhoti pants with crop top outfit ideas you can draw inspiration from this festive season:

Go sleeveless

Sleeveless crop tops lend oomph to any party attire, so also a dhoti pant. Style it like a peplum or keep it snug with a satin finish and you are all set for the party. Zari and zardozi work are best displayed on short sleeveless tops.

Crop jackets

Embroidered silk jackets are the best choice to go with silk dhoti pants. This combination is ideal for weddings and festivals, where silk and shimmer is best showcased. Embellish with long ethnic earrings to get a complete party look.

Crop capes

Cropped capes are a rage during the colder months. They combine style and comfort with ease and can be sported as layers over a short blouse as well. Pair them with heels and strut across the party scene.


Crop blouse

Crop tops modeled around saree blouses are ideal for sporting dhoti pants with élan. Pair them with a matching long flowing shrug to get a gorgeous looking outfit. To make it more festive and ethnic choose silk for the material and a dash of embroidery for the regal look.

Crop top with long sleeves

Crop tops styled to fit above the waist go well with long sleeves. Choose from a variety of textured and woven fabrics to create the dramatic look. Finish it off by sporting a metal waist belt on the dhoti.

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Best Ideas on Easy Outfits to Wear to Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is that time of the year when we celebrate the people and relationships around us. Meeting and greeting our loved ones are an essential part of the thanksgiving ritual. So, this time around we come to you with suggestions on easy outfits to wear to thanksgiving.

Evergreen denims

Choose the tried and tested combination of blue denims with a white tee and a tweed jacket. Pair it with suede ankle boots for maximum impact. While being easy to assemble, this outfit also looks casual and light on your pocket. It is also a perfect and easy-to-carry attire that offers the comfort you seek in a fall outfit.

All whites

An all-white outfit may sound overwhelming to begin with, but soon you will realize that it is the perfect choice for a thanksgiving outfit. It is also very soothing to the eyes. Go with an oversized white sweater and a white skinny denim. Pair it with tan suede booties.

Sweater Dress

While dresses are outfits of choice for occasions and parties, sweater dress is an ideal outfit for a thanksgiving dinner. Pair it with knee high boots for the stylish look that keeps you cozy as well.

All Black

Just like all whites, an all-black outfit makes for a uber chic look for a thanksgiving dinner. Choose skin-tight black jeans with a turtle neck, pair it with a black sweater coat and watch the magic unfold.


Skirt all the way

Midi skirts are the rage this season and what better time to sport them than thanksgiving. Pair them with stylish heels and a sweater to complete the look. Choose layered or a tweed skirt that can keep you warm.

Midi Dress

From polka dot to pin stripe, midi dresses come in all ranges. When the weather is fall, then more the reason to get these below the knee outfits. Choose simple yet cute looking designs, with tie details to get that dressed up look. Complete it with strappy sandals or heels.

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